Monday, May 5, 2014

Segway Style Robin M2 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter Scooter


Robin M2 Robstep Personal Electric Transportation Scooter... Now with LCD Screen
1 year Warranty

Can Reach Speeds up to 33 km/h or Almost 18 Mph

Introducing the Segway Style Robin m2 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter.  The robin m2 works like the original Robin m1 with all New Features and a Sleek New Design. ( Two Versions of Steering Shafts Available Now )  The Robin m2 is a Balancing personal transporter just like the segways and operates the same way with Intelligent Sensors, Computers and Gyroscopes to help keep and maintain your Balance on an Elevated Moving Platform. Ask us for the Manual to learn more. 

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Red, Yellow, White and Black Colors Available

CE, NQA, FCC, ROHS, & UL Certifications
 Strictly Follows the Standards of ISO9001 as well

The New Robstep M2 Also comes with an All New Remote Control and now an Optional Steering Shaft with an Lcd Touch Screen. That's right a Built in Touch Screen! The updated version of the Robin m2 M Series has a Built in Lcd Screen to show and operate Different Functions of the Robin m2.  ( Email us for the Users manual for all the info )   ( We have the user manual that explains both configurations and how they Both work for your viewing pleasure, simply send us an email and we will get it out to you asap. )


You can Even program the Robin m2 with your favorite music or your own voice.  The new Smart Key Remote allows you to see various functions of the Robstep Including your speed and other functions.  You can also increase the speed through the app to make the robin m2 go faster in speed bursts.  

LCD Touch Screen ( Please contact us for the User Manual for the Details of the Optional LCD Steering Shaft.  If you you want the LCD Shaft Please Be aware to be Extra Careful Not to run into any objects as you may crack the screen.

Closer Look at the Robin m2 Personal Transporter 


About the Remote Control for the Robin M2

◆ The Remote Controller for The Robin M2 is a Chargeable Device with the functions of Information Display and Control.  The maximum remote control distance for the Robin M2  is about 10 m. You can Monitor the various Operating conditions with the Remote for the New Robin M2

◆ When using the remote controller for Robstep M2 for first time, you need to use a pin to lightly press the reset key in the reset hole for activating the remote controller.

* Optional LCD Steering Rod Shaft is Touch Screen and Can be Used to Monitor and use Various functions of the Robin m2.... Please Note the Remotes will differ between the Updated M2 LCD Screen and the Robin with the Smart Keys.   

The Battery on the New segway style Robin m2 is also Removable unlike the Robin M1.  Now you can take the Battery out and Charge it. The Robin m2 Also come with a Convenient Built in Carry Handle for Convenience and has Built in Headlamps and a Horn as well. ( Headlamps can be turned on an off by the Remote ) 

The Robin M2 Robstep is a very Safe and Dependable mini segway style electric transporter with all the standard safety features of the M1 including the ever popular Safety System that Gently Pulls you Back to keep you from overspeeding when your reach the safe speed limit set by the Robin. ( Speed can be altered by the Smart App. )

When you Attempt to over speed and Alarm will sound and you will feel the Robin's Steering Shaft Gently Pull you back to keep you from overspeeding the set limit of the Transporter.  The limit can now be Adjusted on the New M2 to reach a speed of up to 18 mph.

Compare the segway prices to the price of Our segway style Robin m2 Alternative Today. ( See Specs and Video Below )  When you order two or more Robin M2's you will receive $100 Off Each Transporter. Contact us for Details and to get the payment request for Two. 

Buy Two for $2199.00 Each, Total of $4398.00 with Free Shipping 

" Don't Ride Alone "


** The maximum cruising speed can be
configured by an application. During
driving, the transporter keeps dynamic
balance and runs at a speed larger than the
maximum cruising speed in a short time.

  ** The cruising distance is measured on
 smooth roads under the temperature of 25°C
and the load of 70kg.This parameter is
affected by the capacity of the battery, the
driving habit, the load, the environment
temperature, road conditions, etc

Net Weight                           15.8 kg  or about 35 lbs 
Dimension                             140*53*45.5 (cm)  55" X 20.8" X 17.9" ( Adjustable ) 
Max cruise speed                15 km/h Adjustable to 35 km/h or 9.5 mph to 18 mph Speed Burst 

Max load                              120 kg or 264 lbs
Max. Mileage                       30-35 km or 18 - 22 miles ( After Fully Charging )
Max climb capability             20 degree  
Min turning radius                  0    

Charging time                        4 hrs
Battery                                 72v 6.6 Ah Lithium Battery UpGrade
Power                                   110-240vAC-60hz  

Max Power                           1800 watts (2*900 w/pc)    

Lifetime of battery                  2- 5 years    

Tires                                     Flat-free Vacuum tire 
Overall Max Height                140*53*45.5(cm)  or 55" X 20.8" X 17.9" ( Adjustable )  

Ground Clearance                  13 cm or 5"    
Certificates                            CE , ROHS, UL, NQL & FCC

Robin M2 Differences

The Robin M2 Robstep Segway Style Transporters are usually Delivered within 10 days of purchase but can take a little longer in rare cases. Please contact us if you have any questions or Concerns about your purchase Before you order. We are Here Before, During and After Your Purchase.

There are no Import fees on the Robin m2  to the usa, all others will need to contact there local government or customs to see if there is an import charge or fee. ( If from Anywhere besides the USA Import Charges are your Responsibility )

After we receive your Confirmed Payment we will send you a confirmation of payment receipt email within 24 hrs and ask you to confirm your Shipping Address, Phone Number and your Color Choice. We will Ship the NON LCD Touch Screen if not specified.

" Don't Ride Alone "

Get Two for $2199.00 Each, Total of $4398.00 

$200 Savings

Contact us for the Payment Request